How to use ProFolio with your own Domain Name

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Hello ProFolio artists.

Many of you have been wondering how to use your ProFolio with your own domain name (for example, how to use your ProFolio on your domain or whatever you happen to have).

We recommend buying a domain name through Godaddy if you do not already have one (no more than $15 a year usually).  After that, here are setup instructions for how to use ProFolio on your domain.


ProFolio on your Domain Name (, etc)

  1. Login to your Godaddy account and click “manage” or “launch” or something similar next to your domain name to bring up the Domain Details. Then look for “Forwarding” and click “Manage” under “Domain: Off” (not the sub-domain one).
  2. Press “Add forwarding” and next to the http://, type in ““. (Press ‘Preview’ just to make sure it shows your ProFolio) Then keep it as “Permanent” (don’t worry, it’s not really permanent, that’s just the redirect type). You can user “Forward Only” which will redirect your site to when people type in (for example), OR you can use “Forward with Masking” which will show up as “” when people type in your website so that’s what I recommend.
  3. Then just fill out the title of your site, ex. “Portfolio of Your Name” or “Official Portfolio of Famous Artist YOUR NAME HERE”, you can do whatever. As for description, 1 to 2 sentances max. For keywords, just type in around 10-20, the most important ones first like your name, “artist”, “painting”, etc….
  4. Complete! Then you’re good, just press “Add” and it should take about 24 – 48 hours to process (sometimes I’ve had it where it takes like an hour or two). Then you will be able to access your site from “” just like that! This email might sound more complex than it really is, it’s relatively easy even if you have no experience with website management.


Good luck! And if you need help…

Best of luck, and feel free to leave comments if you have any questions.

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